Missing Millers
Here's a list of missing classmates.  Some of them dropped off the list intentionally, and others simply changed addresses.  If you can supply a street or email address, please reply on the "Contact Us" page.  If you are in touch with any of our missing classmates, please tell them about our website at www.washburnhs64.com.

The list is long, but with your help it will get shorter.  We lost track of some people when we planned our 20th Reunion (the first one with a mailing list kept in Excel format).  With each succeeding reunion mailing, additional addresses are lost as people move.  Because our mailings are only done every five years (or 10 years between our 40th and 50th reunions), people slip through the cracks.

You'd think the Internet would be a great resource, but searching for a name often returns dozens of possibilites.  Sometimes we are able to identify a classmate online, but retrieving his or her address requires a subscription to a service or an extra fee. If anyone has a subscription to Classmates and finds someone on our list, please forward the information by clicking on the Contact Us tab. Your information will go to Paul & DeeDee Sand and Judy Vicars.

Our classmates have been the most reliable way to reconnect with each other. Please let us know if you can help us locate any of these classmates.
  Thanks for your help!


David J Ackerman
Phyllis Ackerman Haman
Beverly G Brown Nelson
Charles G Anderson
Doreen Anderson Siplinger
Pamela M Anderson Eberhardt
James R Bain
Joyce M Baldwin
Yana Barris Ayele
Bruce Barnard
Peter Becker
Julie Bergman
Martha L (Marty) Bjorklund
James E Burg
Carol A Burkhardt Jeffries
Kathleen Brandt Stevens
Joyce M Bregenzer
Steve Bublitz
Kathleen Campbell Anderson
Janet Childs Daly
Carol Colby Nelson
William Connors
Glenn W Coppersmith

Linette Cudo
Carolyn B Dean Herr
George R Domstrand
Andrea Duffy
Laurel A Duffy
Mary Duffy Landis
Robert K Eberhardt
Katherine Edstrom
Ronald J Eide
Gregg Ellsworth

Susan E Elstad Dinter
Daniel B Erickson
Laurel A Erickson Rupp
Mark J Erickson
Robert Evans
James M Fair
David P Fawcett
Reed S Forster
John Clark Forsyth
Cynthia A Frankosky Woodhead
Lee C Gardner Newsom
Elizabeth H Gates Sabo
Edward A Gibson
Margaret G Goodwin
Gary W Grave
Joyce A Grill Husbands
Wayne L Gustafson
Susanne Hagen Byrne
Janet M Hanson
George (Pat) Helberg
Sara Helseth Betker
Mary C Hengen McLeary
Linda Hoban Arvidson
Walter J Hobot
Jeff Hodroff
Jeffrey D Hoffman
Frederick C Holder
David Holter
John G Hord
Dean Z Horton
JoAnne M Jaspersen Pageau

Joanna Johnson Reeves
Kim R Johnson
Margaret L Johnson
John Jorgensen
Diane L (DeeDee) Jorgenson Buffington
Thomas E Kallestad
Donna Kallestad Marxhausen
Kendall Kath

Linda M Kindhart Whalen
Daniel J Kiner
Mary Jo Knight Hochsprung
Thomas M Kollen
Roger L Kramer
Wallace D Lees
Gayle M Lichliter Vincelli
Joan Lilienfeld Applebaum
Penelope A (Penny) Livingston
Mary Jay Lowen
Joan Martin Nutt
Sandra D Mattson
Stephanie Meyers
Priscilla J (Penny) Moe Joyce
Nancy A Moore
Susan M Nash Moravec
Grant C Nelson
Gregg B Nelson

Nancy Nelson Liljegren
Mary Jane Newham Jacobsen
Patricia Nicholson

Debrah J Norgren Solsvig
John L Oman
Ronald T Opsahl
Sandra K Orbin Cracauer
Nadine Ornburg
Mark R Peterson
Julie M Potter

Susan R Reardon
Judith K Roloff Stankovich
Barbara Sabasko Fitch
Gary Sackrider
John C Saunders
Judy K Scarlett
Carol M Schlesinger Connery
Frederick J Schroeder

Michael C Schwartz
Sharon A Schweppe Hoeft
Beverly Seim Butler
Michael J Shannon
David C Sherrill
Lois J Sickler Peterson
David E Sinclair
Barbara A Skow McEwen
Leslie Ann Smiley Melamed
Jane F Smolak Bersie
Katheryn A Snow Byram
Richard H Stahl
Mark C Stevens
Sharon L Strauman Seman

John S Sweet
John Swenson
Donna L Swenson Schaefer
Barbara L Theim
David E Thomas
Barbara Tucker
Bruce R Walen
James G Wallfred
Melanie A Weisskopf
Priscilla J Westphal
Barbara J Whitney Peterson
Richard L Will
Marcia J Willis Frankel
Virginia Wirt
Diana M Wolf
Thomas A Worthing