Guest Book from 2014
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JoAnne Digree Fritz
Posted on the 2014-09-04 at 20:00
Happy 50th everyone from WHS!  I plan to party with you all  along with my good friend Dianne Johnson Osowski. I graduated from Augsburg - have taught early childhood education and Elementary school for 31 years and raised 3 sons with my husband Barry. I'm thinking of retiring from teaching at the end of this school year.  We have 4 grandchildren and 1 more comoing in December.  I work part time for the Minnesota Wild and my husband is supervisor of the off-ice officials with the NHL for the Wild.  We are a real hockey family. My passion for it began at WHS.  I went on to be a hockey mom for 25 years from mites to the MIAC. Our oldest son works for Century Link, our middle son  and his wife work in the medical field and also own and operate the Simple Lodge and Hostel of Salida CO.  Our youngest son is a singer in NYC and a photographer. We are blessed and God has been so good to our family.  WHS years were good years. Football and hockey games were my favorites along with Miss Laird's french classes and Mr. Blackwell's English classes. See you at the reunion !! Cheer for the Orange and Blue!!( I can still sing the fight song from memory)
Linda Coulter Jennings
Posted on the 2014-09-04 at 20:00
Like so many WHS classmates I can’t believe it has been 50 years since graduation.  It is so fun to read all of the classmate profiles.  But it’s a challenge to write a profile of my own.  How much or how little to say?  Well, here goes…
I loved Washburn and know we’re fortunate to have been there during the glory days of the 1960s. There are so many great memories, but my favorite memories and the experiences that most influenced my life all happened in the Choraliers.  The music, the friendships and Mr. Lydell’s artistic passion will always be dear to my heart.  So, 50 years later, thanks to all of you Choraliers for being a cherished part of my life.
So, life after Washburn (you can find the first 20 years in the 20th reunion edition of the Wahian).  I ended up in Sycamore, IL. 60 miles west of Chicago. I loved my 37-year career at Northern Illinois University Health Service (retired in 2012).  Over the years I worked with over 400 student volunteers and supervised 25-30 student interns, some of whom have become long-time friends. Finished my BA in Sociology from NIU in 1993, summa cum laude (surprise!) Played violin in the local symphony for 20 years, have sung in several choruses (retired from both), taught CPR for 20 years and after I turned 50 I volunteered for 10 years with my church’s senior high youth group, including 10 summer mission trips.
I still think of myself as a Minnesota Girl and miss Minneapolis and MN. My three children spent most of their summer vacations in Minnesota.  Driving by Washburn, Ramsey, Lake Harriet, and eating at the Lincoln Del and Bridgeman’s were always required. I thought I’d be back in MN someday, but my 3 children and 3 grandchildren all live in DeKalb or Chicago. MN is amazing but it can’t compete with the grandkids.  
Thanks to the 50th reunion committee! I’ve really been looking forward to the 50th but an embarrassing and klutzy move (some things never change!) resulted in a quadriceps injury for which I’m still in PT/rehab (bless any classmates who are PTs!). I’m very disappointed I’m unable to attend and have a bad case of FOMOR (fear of missing out on the reunion). I know you will have a fabulous time!       
Jackie Jacobson Steele
Posted on the 2014-09-02 at 20:00
Hello 1964 WHS classmates, Here's some of what's happened since 1964.  I have seen many of you at past reunions so there has been an opportunity to catch up a little.  I, too, must say that I am very saddened by the Memorials list and that we have lost too many far too soon. Some of you may remember that at the 1994 reunion, my husband, Brian, and I came directly to the reunion from our honeymoon!  This month we celebrate 20 years together.  He will be at a family reunion in Iowa during our WHS reunion weekend.  I have a daughter who lives in Southern CA and no grandchildren:-(.  So...going back...after graduation I attended Stephens College, Columbia, MO and majored in theater with a music minor.  I will always be grateful for my women's liberal arts education as it gave me the tools and confidence to transition through life and loss challenges and vocational changes. I have been fortunate to work in the arts and entertainment industry as a singer, actor, dancer and voice-over talent for the past 50 years in some facet or another.  I was with Radisson in hospitality management for just under eight years when my first husband was killed in an automobile accident.  I was 31. A year later, I moved out-of-state and took a position in higher education administration and a vocational change that I thought would be short lived ended up being 22 years long!  However, I always had a singing and/or acting job part time. My husband and I are founding members of The Singers - Minnesota Choral Artists, along with our Artistic Director, Matthew Culloton.  Later this month, we start our 11th season,  Check us out and if you're local, consider coming to a concert!  I serve on the Board of Directors and Brian sings in the bass section.  In addition to singing, Brian owns Old House Restorations, Inc. Besides The Singers, I have been an advanced, certified grief facilitator since 1996; a legislative advocate for long-term care residents and their caregivers (I spent 15 years caring for my parents prior to their deaths); I'm a volunteer lobbyist on behalf of adoption reform issues and equal access for all adult adoptees in the state of Minnesota.  I think it's crazy that it's been 50 years since our high school graduation.  Life hasn't always been easy, but nevertheless, it's been good and I'm so grateful for it.  I look forward to seeing y'all this weekend. Jackie Jacobson Steele      
Ross Anderson
Posted on the 2014-09-02 at 20:00
Attended Wheaton College (Illinois) after WHS and then U of MN for medical school and residency.  Practiced 35 years in Shoreview, MN,  in Family Medicine and Geriatrics.  Retired last four years.  Live in Shoreview. Married 44 years to Barbara.  Son, physician, on faculty at Emory University (GA) in Infectious Disease.  Daughter, physican therapist in Denver.  Son with Cargill in Iowa City.  Nine grandchildren ages 1-9.  Youngest son deceased at age 24. What is important to me 50 years after WHS granduation?  I volunteer as a Guardian Ad Litem, am a parttime mentor of physicians, mentor a boy without a functional father, and love our little Anglican church here in St. Paul.  I desire to share the journey of life with others.  
jane lawrence butcher
Posted on the 2014-09-02 at 20:00
i wish i could be there, but i already had a dive trip planned to mexico.  i had a great time at our 40th and know you all will have a great time
Kathleen Selvig Grambsch
Posted on the 2014-09-01 at 20:00
Married right out of high school- so 50 years!!
Don and I raised a daughter and son- and a few Shelties over these many years. We have lived in 6 states and England. WE now live in Vancouver, Washington- that's the Vancouver across the river from Portland, OR,
My years as a nurse ( U of MN grad 1981) in Minneapolis were special;  I've moved on to a life with music,( my accordion) dogs ( my Shelties) gardening ( 3 acres including fruit trees ) and managing Don's schedules and ' book-keeping' tasks ( Camas Group Inc; Pacific Commodity LLC )
Don is " somewhat" retired ( from Riverland AG ) after many years in the grain/agrilculture business.
WE continue to ballroom dance, travel, and welcome house guests.
We have a condo at the Towers Mpls and visit regularly  Mpls family and friends .
We will be at the reunion.

Marge Ling née Fechner
Posted on the 2014-08-30 at 20:00
Hi everyone, Dan and I are hoping to attend the reunion in September.  Dan retired at the end of 2012 from San Jose State University where he worked as a computer analyst since 1984.  I call myself semi-retired.  The design/build kitchen and bath showroom I worked at for 17 years closed in 2011.  Since then I have been working as an independent kitchen & bath designer out of our home and am the current President of the National Kitchen & Bath Association Northern California Chapter. We travel to the Las Vegas area several times each year to visit our daughter, Jennifer, and our son-in-law, Joe, and our grand-dog, 1 1/2 year old Dino, a handsome silver lab.  His predecessor was Elvis, a studly chocolate lab who lived one month shy of 16 years. We last visited the Twin Cities in 2012.  I always look forward to tooling around the old neighborhood when we visit.  Eating as much pizza as possbile is at the top of our to-do list when we visit the Midwest.  California pizza sucks!  That in itself is an excellent reason to make the trip. See ya, Marge  
David Swenson
Posted on the 2014-08-30 at 20:00


I am currently living in Richfield, Minnesota. My wife, Gale, and I have been married for 48 years. We have 5 children and our 10th grandchild is on the way.

After high school, I attended the University of Minnesota where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Geology. I then attended New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology and earned a Master’s degree in Geochemistry. I worked in the mining industry in many parts of the world and we have lived in Sierra Leone, Ireland, Scotland, as well as Albuquerque and Denver before moving back to Minnesota. My second career was in environmental protection specializing in water protection.

My wife and I are retired and we spend our time enjoying family activities as well as traveling, gardening, cooking, fitness, and photography.

I will be attending our 50th class reunion and look forward to seeing everyone.

Cindy Neerland (Corry)
Posted on the 2014-08-30 at 20:00
It's hard to know what to post here, it's been soo long. I worked as a Stewardess/flight attendant for 41 years, retired 7 years ago, Life has been good, got to travel a lot and meet some wonderful people.  I have one son, Durrell, he is 46 yrs old and lives in Portland Or.   I live in Burnsville and keep myself busy with friends, church, volenteer work, and yard work!! Looking forward to reconnecting.  See you all next week
Elaine Garon (Rochlin)
Posted on the 2014-08-15 at 20:00
Hi everyone, I am living in St. Petersburg, Fl. Since 1997. It's hot and humid but there's nothing like the gulf. Many of you met my husband Lyle at the last reunion. He passed away in Aug 2013 after having numerous health issues. I am retired and loving life here. I actively volunteer as manager/ buyer of a nursing home gift shop. Am involved in other organizations and love being around people. my daughter, Stacy lives in Orlando, works as a Paralegal and will be married to a Disney Exec. In Feb 2015. I will have to miss this reunion as I am recovering from rotator cuff  surgery. Look me up if you're in Fl. Love to get reacquainted . My new attitude: Stay positive every day and everything will work out.  
Steven Kline
Posted on the 2014-07-20 at 20:00
Howdy All from the Wild West,

Recovering from the surgical replacement of a new Aorta this last year, I am excited to see my friends from school.  Though most of us have had little communication over all these years, many of you have never been out of my thoughts. 

It will be fun to remember all those wonderful memories of fun during the wild, wild 60's . and share them with my friends.  In some ways, I never really charged from those glorious days of yester-year, and I still  enjoy the adventures offered here in the West.  Guns, glory, & gold, it's still here to be enjoyed, and enjoy it I do. 

My friends are always welcome to come visit, stay awhile at the ranch, and experience the West as it was,  and still is today.

Sue Hedke
Posted on the 2014-07-10 at 20:00
Hello fellow Washburn classmates.  

My husband and I are looking forward to meeting those attending the reunion.

We have lived in St. Charles, IL (part of the "Tri Cities" of St Charles, Geneva & Batavia) for over 20 years now, which resulted from a job transfer with Sears. It is a cute little town on the Fox River about 40 miles west of Chicago and reminded me of Stillwater when I first saw it years ago.  

I am now retired from a career with Sears and had also worked for some years in Real Estate. We have not been back to the Twin Cities very often and found it vastly changed over the last 20 years. (Good to have a GPS to navigate now!) Of course, St. Charles has changed too in that time, so I should not be surprised that I almost feel like a tourist in the Twin Cities. Recently It was fun to meet another Washburn graduate (class of 1958) living just a few blocks away. 

See you in September!

Best regards to all.
Mura (Caverly) D\Angelo
Posted on the 2014-06-20 at 20:00
Hi Washburn Alumni,      I have been living in Southern California for over 20 years, now.  Previously I lived in Phoenix, Boise, Sioux Falls, Providence, RI and Milan, Italy.  Aside from Italy, this place is "marvelous".  My husband and I are raising our 2 grandchildren, aged 10 and 12, and it's a full time job.  A little different from being a parent with less energy and a few aches and pains, but totally worth it. The kids and I just returned from a trip to the ciities for a family memorial.  Could not believe how much it has grown. Visited the Como Zoo and Minnehaha Falls, which was spectacular! Looked for "Dave's Popcorn" and finally found it but it was closed.  My favorite carmel corn growing up.  Wanted to get a Nut Goody candy bar, but wasn't successful in that pursuit either.  Did take my grand kids by Washburn and Ramsey (they were not impressed).  I was hoping for a thunderstorm while we were there because we don't get them here. Be careful what you wish for...the rain, lighning, thunder and hail began the 2nd day after we arrived and didn't stop until we got into the air 10 days later! Needless to say I got my wish.  Glad to be home in "America's Finest city" and the land of sunshine.  So I won't be attending the reunion but I wish everyone health and happiness!  
Tom Kiefer
Posted on the 2014-06-06 at 20:00
Dear all,

I enjoy my work as a family MD. I practiced in Winsted, (rural) MN for 17 years and now I work for Park Nicollet Clinic and Methodist Hospital(St Louis Park) for the last 20 years. I still have alot of energy and passion for my work and plan to work for another few years(god willing).

I'm married to Betsy and we have 5 kids and 5 grand kids and I enjoy being with all of them. Betsy is a manager of international exchange students and we've hosted about 30 of them over the past 25 years. We enjoy travel, our family, skiing, hunting, our garden, animals and our faith.

I hope you can make to our reunion!  Tom Kiefer
william schwalbe
Posted on the 2014-06-04 at 20:00
i  may not be able  to make it   as my son  some times works  a double  shift works  that week end he  24  and my   daughter  is now 21  we have  been married now for  27 yeares  on june 13  this year. last sept we took the  amtrak  to chicago and back i would recommend it  
Susan HAYNES Behar
Posted on the 2014-05-18 at 20:00
I was really hoping to  attend this special reunion but I'll only be in the twin cities until August 3 !We are    still living in Paris France - I'm retired but my husband Pat is still traveling year round for all the Formula 1 GPs .. Kids are scattered - oldest Marc works for WOW in Cork Ireland - 2nd son Ian & wife Victoria plus two gorgeous ( of course!) grandbabies Roman 3 & Elise 9 months  live in Saint Paul - daughter Meghan & her husband  Fred also live here in Paris -  at least I do a bit of traveling visiting & once in awhile go to a GP with Pat - I especially love going to Italy !!  We talk about where we will retire but for now we'll stay in Paris - call if you're in the area ! %uD83D%uDE03. I'll be on the balcony reading my kindle or stitching with a cup of tea or glass of wine ... Best wishes to all my classmates from the CLASS OF '64 !!!!!!! 
Robert M Quick
Posted on the 2014-05-14 at 20:00
How sad to see how many class mates have passed so early in life.  Hope all who are still with us are blessed and in good healh. Would love to come, but recovering from 12 hour back fusion  surgery. Too much heavy lifting. Living in Buena Vista, colorado. Many adventures in this life. But God is good and faithful.