Our WHS Website was contacted by a woman from Oregon trying to track down the former owner of this charm bracelet. Her mother found it years ago at some park, and she found it in her belongings when she came back to town to clean out her apartment. Her mother lived around St Louis Park, so she thought it was probably found in that area. She would love to reunite the charm bracelet with its owner.

There's a Washburn High School blue and orange pennant charm. The charm that looks like a diploma is engraved with "Laurie", "WHS", and "64". The round disc charm is engraved with "Joannie" on one side and "63-64" on the other side. There's a Star of David charm and a round charm from Hamline College. There are a couple of gavels, an Asian charm, and an hour glass.

DeeDee Harper Sand has been working to track down the two Lauries in our class: Perkins and Nathenson. She already knows it doesn't belong to Laurie Nathenson and is trying to contact Laurie Perkins.

If you've got any ideas you can click the Contact Us tab or email DeeDee at pddsand@comcast.net