It's time to start thinking about our next reunion which will occur sometime in the fall of 2019. Previous reunions have taken place in September. Travel and hotel prices usually drop at that time of year, the weather becomes pleasant, and people's calendars usually have more open dates.

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 **UPDATED 11/27/18**

Our Reunion Committee met on November 26 to talk about the kind of event we want to have. Here are some thoughts:

We want to keep the event casual, low-key, and friendly. There's never enough time for talking and catching up, and we're going to do everything we can to make sure we've got plenty of time to sit and connect.

We're looking at one night only that will cost around $25-$30 per person. We want to keep the cost down.

We're thinking about the month of September and about a Friday night or even a week night like Monday. We'd like to start as early as 4:00 pm and maybe go until 10:00 pm.

We're currently in search of a venue with plenty of room and seating that will allow us to order and pay for our own food (and drink). If you have been to an event like this and have any ideas to share about a possible venue, please send a message using the Contact Us tab. We'd like to stay near the airport or somewhere in South Minneapolis if possible. We want to enlist your help to come up with a creative venue idea. We talked about restaurants or bars with a private back room, community centers, church gathering spots, etc. There's a place out there for our Reunion and we just need to find it.

We hope to attract 100 to 150 people. Anyone with a connection to our class or to Washburn is welcome to attend. We're looking forward to seeing our classmates, and all guests are welcome. If you're interested in coming, let us know.

Our NEXT Reunion Committee meeting will be on
Monday, December 10
at 4:00 pm
The earlier start avoids rush hour.

6601 Lyndale Ave S
Richfield MN  55423

If you would like to be part of the Committee, please use the Contact Us tab
.  Your email will be sent to Judy Vicars and Paul & DeeDee Sand.

Here's our current Committee list:

Paul & DeeDee Sand
Sandi Spell Brown
Don Nicholson
Judy Ericksen
Pat Taillefer Erickson
Dave Higgins
Cathy Meyer
Joy Lawrence Cabillot
George Headrick
Judy Vicars

If you don't live in town or aren't able to attend the Committee meeting, please feel free to offer your suggestions by using the Contact Us tab. Hopefully you'll still be able to join us for the Reunion.  

Please keep checking back to this site for future updates. 


A 50-Year Video shot by Dick Sigurdson has been uploaded,  and you can find it on the "Photo Albums" tab.

Photos taken by the photographers we hired are also online.  You'll find them on the "Photo Alums" tab in files named Reunion Photos, Part 1 and Reunion Photos, Part 2.

And if you took photos during any part of the reunion, please upload them on the "Photo Albums" tab.

Thanks for continuing to visit our site.  The profiles currently here are from 2014.  You'll see a notification when new profiles can be uploaded.


We entered Washburn in 1961 in button-down shirts and knee ticklers, wingtips and flats, but before long we changed to blue jeans, sandals and beads. We wore crew cuts and bubbles as the decade began, but the Beatles changed everything and before long hair was hanging down to our shoulders.

We will have graduated fifty-five years ago this coming June. Now it's time for a party, and we’re looking forward to seeing as many WHS grads as possible.

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Here's a photo from our 40th Reunion in 2004.  

Make plans to join us for our 55th in 2019!

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