**UPDATED 5/13/19**

A new obituarty was added for Elaine Jorgenson Landergan. Click on In Memory for details.

Since our BROADCAST EMAILS went out we've been hearing from classmates. Click on Emails from YOU to read the messages.

Our first BROADCAST EMAIL was sent on May 3 to those who provided their email addresses on this website. If you attended the 50-Year Reunion in 2014, we should have your email address. If you created a Profile or created an entry in the Guest Book, we should also have your email address.

A second BROADCAST EMAIL was sent on May 7 to those with email records in our master list who didn't attend the 50-year reunion.

If your email address has changed since 2014, if you didn't receive the email, or if you have never interacted with this website, please click on the "RSVP" tab. You'll be able to let us know whether or not you plan to attend and leave your contact information for updates.


4pm to Midnight
$46 per person

($36 per person if tickets are purchased before July 1)

Lost Spur is located across the river from the MSP Airport just south of the I-494 bridge. Committee members visited the facility and met with their Executive Chef. We know our event will be in good hands.

We want to keep the event casual, low-key, and friendly. There's never enough time for talking and catching up, and we're going to do everything we can to make sure we've got plenty of time to sit and connect.

We searched for a venue with plenty of room and seating that would allow us to order and pay for our own food (and drink). Unfortunately, that was a lot harder than it sounds.

Your Reunion Committee searched for a location which is reasonably close to our old neighborhood, is comfortable and offers good food at a reasonable price. We believe that Lost Spur meets that criteria and have decided to make the event as affordable as possible at $36/$46 per person

Subsidy available for classmates. Committee members recognize that some of us are on fixed incomes and may, even at this price, find it difficult to afford. We have a benefactor who is willing to subsidize $16 of the ticket price for any alum who feels the price may present a hardship.  If you are in this category, you need only to send an email request to 
WHS64benefactor@gmail.com or Judy Vicars at jvixx@mac.com (or by snail mail to Judy at 4521 Pleasant Ave S, Minneapolis MN 55419). Your request will be held as confidential. We want as many people as possible to attend.

We hope to attract 100 to 150 people. Anyone with a connection to our class or to Washburn is welcome to attend. We're looking forward to seeing our classmates, and any and all guests are welcome. We hope you're interested in coming.

In the near future you will see additional tabs added to our website that will allow you to pay online and to make an entry in our Guest Book. 

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Please keep checking back to this site for future updates. 



50-Year Video shot by Dick Sigurdson has been uploaded,  and you can find it on the "Photo Albums" tab.

Photos taken by the photographers we hired are also online.  You'll find them on the "Photo Alums" tab in files named Reunion Photos, Part 1 and Reunion Photos, Part 2.

And if you took photos during any part of the reunion, please upload them on the "Photo Albums" tab.

Thanks for continuing to visit our site.  The profiles currently here are from 2014.  You'll see a notification when new profiles can be uploaded.


We entered Washburn in 1961 in button-down shirts and knee ticklers, wingtips and flats, but before long we changed to blue jeans, sandals and beads. We wore crew cuts and bubbles as the decade began, but the Beatles changed everything and before long hair was hanging down to our shoulders.

We will have graduated fifty-five years ago this coming June. Now it's time for a party, and we’re looking forward to seeing as many WHS grads as possible.

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Here's a photo from our 40th Reunion in 2004.  

Make plans to join us for our 55th in 2019!

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