Here's a list of who is planning to attend our 55-Year Reunion.

You won't be able to see any names until people begin buying tickets.
Guest RSVP'd Purchased Tickets
Jhan Known As Harry Schmitz In 1964 (Schmitz)
Constance Wife Of Jhan Schmitz (Brennan)
Barbara Adams (Anderson)
Van Anderson
Cheryl Chapman (Valentine)
Tom Crouch
Paula Eliason (crouch)
Judy Ericksen (Ericksen)
Marge Fechner (Ling)
Maryanne Foote (Law Sunde)
Carolyn Hosp (Smith)
Dan Ling
Lynn (Dee Dee) Lynn (Dee Dee) Harper (Sand)
Don Nicholson
Lesly Nicholson
Paul Sand
Paul Sunde
Mike Valentine
Judy Vicars (Vicars)
Total 3 17