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Liz Tucker (Cross)
director of volunteer services Married 2
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Margaret (Micki) Ponsford (Hansen)
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Graphic Artist, retired Married
Can't believe it's 50 years since we graduated!
My husband and I have lived outside of Minnesota since 1976, so I only attended one reunion. I graduated from the University of Minn. in 1968 with a degree in Fine Art. My husband's job with the BN railroad moved us around to several different states over the years ... now we live north of Fort Worth, Texas. I worked as a graphic artist my whole life, and also enjoy photography. Hubby Bob and I are enjoying retirement and doing a lot of traveling.
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Marge Fechner (Ling)
Kitchen & Bath Designer Married 1
Dan and I have lived in San Jose, California, since 1978.  After graduation from the  U of M and our wedding in 1968 we moved to the Chicago area and stayed for six years before accepting a transfer to Fairfield County, Connnecticut (our bucolic years-cow pasture at the end of the block).  But the February, 1978, blizzard and subsequent ice storm broke the camel's back and Dan asked to be  transferred to San Jose in 1978.

We have one daughter Jennifer, who lives in Henderson NV with her husband Joe.  My grand-dog's name is Dino, a very handsome silver lab.  We drive to visit them in the non-sweltering months.  And I don't care that it is a "dry heat."  115 degrees is damned hot!

Dan is retired from San Jose State University where he was a sytems analyst from 1984 to 2012.  I was a kitchen and bath designer/sales/project manager for a kitchen and bath design/build firm for 17 years until its closure in 2011. Now I am semi-retired and work as an independent designer out of our home.  I am currently the President of the National Kitchen & Bath Association Northern California Chapter.  Being an active member keeps me on my toes and in touch with students who are the future designers of the industry.

One of my best friends is from the Twin Cities.  We have walked down the 50s and 60s memory lane many a time sharing favorite haunts of our youth.  And I have so many wonderful memories of fellow classmates and events from my years at Washburn.   

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Mary Freeman
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Retired Married 3
I can't necessarily say that I "enjoyed" high school but, on balance, I realize that I have some pretty good memories.  And, though I have not lived in Minnesota since graduating from the U of M in 1968, I have kept in touch with a number of classmates who will probably always be my best friends given how much we have shared throughout the years.  I am now married and happily retired after a career as a social worker followed by 25 years as an attorney.  I retired at 55 in order to spend more time pursuing other interests, do volunteer work and be an full time mom to our daughter Ingrid who was still in high school.  SInce my husband (Michael Davis) retired at the end of 2008 we have spent a lot of time travelling (including 5 months teaching English in Sevilla, Spain) and planning for our next adventure.  I feel so fortunate to have the life that I've had. many others have observed, how can it possibly be 50 years???  I look forward to catching up and reminiscing with many of you soon. Send Mary a MessageSend Mary a Message
Mike Johnston
Auto interior restoration,semi-ret Married 3
God, where's the last half-century gone??  Our three kids all married & flew the coup within six months of each other; grandchild #6 due in early Sept.  Late Sept will be 25 years for my second marriage.  Without following a rulebook, we must have been doing a few things one and her two offspring are best friends, Robin and I are still together, everyone has their nose above the waterline.  My only insight would be: PAY ATTENTION, think first, learn to go AROUND the burning bush...and keep mouth shut when needed.  AND-when the research has been done, all possibilities have been considered and you're sure...JUMP off the board...GET on the bus...chances are pretty damn good it'll work!
  After thirty-three years doing the same work, I'm semi-retired, still buzzing around a couple days a week.  If I sat down for very long, my joints would freeze up!  Lungs are half shot from 48 years of Pall Mall Gold 100's and all the spraying of dyes and cleaners in work, but still 165 lbs, maintaining my balance, and I THINK I remember most everything. ("What the hell did I come in here for?")  Thirty-seven years off the sauce helped put me well beyond the age my dad dropped.  As hard as it can be...we DO learn a little along the way.  I'm up very late most nights, scanning the Net, listening to "Coast to Coast AM", weighing the odds of WHEN the world is going to end, what and who in the political and business spectrum will contribute to that happening, how much non-perishable food/water to stash,. and for how long, how much silver to buy.  The School of Life has been VERY interesting so far...what the hell...let's roll the dice!
  I sure hope to see some of my favorite people come Sept 6.  And yes-I STILL miss Evan Mikkelson...every day.  The funniest human I ever knew in person..period!
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Mura Caverly (D'Angelo)
Domestic Goddess Married 1
Life has been good to me.  In the early 70's I lived in Italy for awhile learning Italian and enjoying La Doce Vita; my creative side came out and I pursued painting and photography, earning several awards and recognitions.  Twenty years after graduating high school I graduated from Rhode Island College with honors, taking only 3 years to get my BA.  After a few years in non-profit marketing I returned to the West coast where I was born.  My husband started his own business and we had to take custody of my 2 grandchildren and have been raising them since they were born.  They are now 10 and 12.  It has been a blessing and a trial at times but for the most part they make me laugh. I was saddened to see several people I knew fairly well were no longer with us.  May the rest of us remember to take what life gives us with a smile and return the favor. Send Mura a MessageSend Mura a Message
Patricia ( Patty) Hove (Cross )
Executive Director Rejoice Ministries/rejoice School of Ballet www.rejoiceschoolofballet. Org Divorced 1
My life has taken some unusual twists and turns and I am thankful for every one. I went to Sullins College, U of M and university of Utah and got married to Jonathan Cross in 1969 before I graduated. I finally graduated from Skidmore College in 1991 with a Bachelors in dance. I have one son, Nathan, who was born in 1973. He got married to a lovely young woman,  Beth in 2004 the same year I got divorced from Jonathan. They have 2 boys, Milo, 7 and Fisher 3 whom I take care of every Sat night. For my career I have taught ballet and directed a regional ballet company in upstate NY. In 2000 I started a non-profit organization so I could teach ballet with a Christian focus to children from low income families.  It is a joy and a lot of hard work and I am thankful to be a part of something that is a positive influence in children's lives In February our students will perform "La Fille Mal Gardee " with professional dancers from Nashville Ballet. You are all invited to come. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. It will be a lot of fun to catch up with all if you. Ken and Mary Hande I hope I get to see you in Minneapolis and catch up with you  since I don't get to see you in Nashville.  See you all in2 weeks  Send Patricia ( Patty) a MessageSend Patricia ( Patty) a Message
Paul Goward
Retired Law Enforcement/ Corp. Security Director Widowed 5
Life is good and memories of old friends help make it that way! Send Paul a MessageSend Paul a Message
Paul Sand
Retired from Ameriprise Financial Married 1
Paula Eliason (Crouch)
RN Married 3
I remember how much fun it was to sing with Bob Evans and Janet Childs and the other guys in our "trio". I still sing, but in a large choir.... I wonder if Fireside Pizza still hosts local talent?  I suppose I won't recognize or remember everyone, but it will be fun to hear all the memories and stories, and then it won't really feel like 50 years have gone by.  Life has been good to us!!  
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