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Judy Vicars
retired from Thomson Reuters Single
  Our 40th reunion was lots of fun, but our 50th reunion is something that needs to be on your bucket list.  I'm hoping to see many of our former classmates at the Saturday Night Dinner on September 6.
  Here's a list of people on our Reunion Committee: Jane Clark Truesdale, Sally Dunn, Dee Dee Harper Sand, George Headrick, Shell Lander Meehl, Jean Lindgren Moskalik, Cathy Meyer, Don Nicholson, Joel Radjenovich, Bill Roberts, Paul Sand, Kathy Selvig Grambsch, Sandi Spell Brown, Pat Taillefer Erickson, Linda Tripp Roberts, and me.  I guarantee most of them will be there, so why not you?  I can tell you from being at the meetings we are still active with friends and family, may or may not be retired, and generally aren't sitting at home very often.
  We shared a very important phase of our lives at Washburn.  Who else but your classmates understands zero-hour, study hall, the high-water marks on the Washburn walls, cruising Porky's, Millwheels, pepfests, night games at Parade Stadium, senior prom, MillerMates, April Fool's Grists, All Night Senior Party at the Y, sneaking out at lunch for a cherry coke or Dairy Queen...  I think I'm making my point. We're all part of each others' memories, and this reunion will be fun.
  Please check back to the website often because new information will be added by your Renion Committee and your classmates.
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K. Sue Johnson (Cummings)
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Real Estate/Interior Designer Married 4
Back in "64" producing a son (Peter) along with a diploma wasn't as popular as it seems to be today! Then not quite having figured it out yet I had a daughter (Elizabeth) a year later. Unlike many of today's teen moms I was married, (classmate of '63) and really did try to give it my best for someone with a teenage level of maturity.
After all that fun I just couldn't wait to get married again and have two more beautiful children, Harrison, and Rebecca. Unfortunately as my oldest daughter has pointed out to me ......I wasn't the greatest husband picker! So  another divorce, and with that a move to Arizona for a FRESH start.
I did get into the real estate business for a short time in Minnesota before moving and worked with Chuck Dahl from our class, and also had a friendship with Jan (Katz) Siegel before her accident (she was a great mom and friend).
My parents and brother had moved to Arizona so it seemed like a great place to start over. I had to pull myself up by my "bootstraps" and figure out how to survive...
Eventually I was able to go back to school for Interior Design, and had my own design company for many years.
Presently I sell real estate in Arizona with my daughter Elizabeth, and LOVE being involved with the grandchildren located close-by attending their games and events....They're ALL smart, athletic, and gorgeous! Don't I sound like a normal bragging gramma!
I met my present husband Larry, who was a great pick! Larry and I have been married for 23 years and have been blessed to have traveled all over the world together.....but best of all we have 12 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren and the coolest GOLDENDOODLE you've ever seen!!!
I'm excited to be back in Minnesota for the reunion as it's been a long time!  Then I'll be going on to Traverse City, Michigan to see my oldest son Peter, who is now "50"!
See you soon!

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Karen Lindelin (Pettersen)
Retired Nurse Married 2
      Could we possibly be this old???  How quickly 50 years have passed.  And, oh my, how much we have all changed!
      I graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1968 majoring in nursing.  I then married a "Navy Man " and I followed him around the world for 27 years.  We are both now retired and living in Denver.  We are also blessed to have a cabin in the mountains of Angel Fire, New Mexico (Yes, New Mexico does have mountains).  We have two "middle aged" daughters...good grief...and seven grandchildren.  We have our aches and pains, our hearing is fading, our vision a bit blurry, and our memory is less than sharp BUT we are hanging in there thanks to Aleve, bifocals , Ben Gay and lots of daily lists of things to do...where did I put that list???  I will not be at our 50th reunion but you all will be in my thoughts.  Thanks to my 1964 Wahian I may be able to remember who you are.
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Kate (Kathy) Jensen (Lambert)
Retired Married 2
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Kathryn Lykken (Klos)
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writer/historian Widowed 7
Hello. Hello All-- Wish I could join you at the reunion but had a previous commitment involving canoeing. Some would say this choice was a no-brainer: winters are long in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where I live, and what with subtracting the buggy-part of summer, not much excellent paddling-time remains. But I would honestly like to touch base and will be thinking of you when the event is happening. I will be camping/paddling in the Boulder Junction area of WI at that time.

My life at present involves wooden canoes. I serve on the board of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association and am considered "an expert" on the B.N. Morris canoe (if you Google this, you may run into a Wikipedia article I wrote). If you are anywhere near Paul Smith's College of the Adirondacks in mid-July next summer, please come see the canoes we'll have on display there and look me up. I will bore you to pieces with trivia about canoe history.

Summing up my life, I graduated from the U. of MN School of Nursing and worked O.B. for many years, but by the end of my nursing career was working hospice, and so have had the honor of being present at the beginning and the end of human lives. I have been divorced once and widowed once and lost a good man to cancer two years ago (in the last year of his life, I wrote five novels. Writing charges my blood). I am currently in a relationship with another good man.

I have a degree from William Mitchell College of Law. This was a defensive move.

My seven children are grown and most have children of their own. Most of them live in the Twin City area. My youngest daughter lives near me and attends Northern Michigan University. Folks say she looks like me, but I was never that cool. Emily was named for "Emily" of Thornton Wilder's "Our Town", in the hope that she might "realize life, every every minute".

A friend recently described me as a "writer and historian", which feels right. I am working on a book about two men who built canoes in Veazie, ME, between 1891-1920, and another book about a poet who died in 1889. It takes longer to write non-fiction, but I do love the research. Emily and I did some research at Harvard, actually touching historic documents without Mickey Mouse gloves on our hands. 

My dogs are named for the two canoe builders that concern me. Bertie is a Chihuahua-Jack Russell and Charlie is a Jack Russell. They are both "rescues". My old kitty came from the humane society in Mpls. I had horses for a while, but caoes are easier to keep and less expensive.

I have had a long-standing relationship with Henry David Thoreau, and have other heroes who are/were writers and poets. Many died before my grandparents were born, but they seem quite alive. It feels that I may have resurrected a few from the dead by writing Wikipedia articles about them. This is sort of "a new hobby".

I am on Facebook, and if you have read all of this blah-blah, please "friend" me.   Kathy
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Kenneth Hande
physician Married 3
After graduation, I went East for college and medical school.  Met my wife, Mary, out East and we married in 1970 in the middle of medical school.  After graduation from medical school, I spent 2 years in St Louis and then 4 years in Bethesda, Maryland where I trained in internal medicine and medical oncology (cancer treatment).  Took a job at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in 1978 and have been on the faculty every since.  My time has been fairly evenly spent between taking care of patients, research and teaching.  I am still working but only half-time for the past year. 

Mary and I have 3 children and now 8 grandchildren. The children and their families have now moved back into the middle Tennessee area so we get to see them often.  I enjoy the university environment and have season tickets to the Vanderbilt football, basketball and baseball teams.  Still faiirly active playing tennis once a week, golf on occasion, biking and hiking.  Moving to part time has allowed for more free time for Mary and I to travel.  Recently returned from a trip to the Western National Parks where we did a lot of hiking.  Mary is a former middle school teacher but retired 3 years ago.  She is active in our church, volunteers and baby sits a lot.

I have been back to Minneapolis about every 4-6 months to visit family still in the area.  Unfortunately, I have not kept up with classmates from high school. Was planning to get back for the 40th reunion but work obligations made me cancel at the last minute.  Hopefully, I will be attending this year and be able to recognize a few people to learn what adventures everyone has had.
Larry Edlund
Retired Married 5
Retired - 30 years US Army Reserves (highest rank CSM) and 20 years at Medtronic Inc.
Have 5 children and 10 Grandchildren.
Like to travel and golf.
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larry gustafson
retired-work part time Divorced 2
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Linda Coulter (Jennings)
retired Married 3
Like so many WHS classmates I can’t believe it has been 50 years since graduation.  It is so fun to read all of the classmate profiles.  But it’s a challenge to write a profile of my own.  How much or how little to say?  Well, here goes…
I loved Washburn and know we’re fortunate to have been there during the glory days of the 1960s. There are so many great memories, but my favorites are all from being in the Choraliers.  The music, the friendships and Mr. Lydell’s artistic passion will always be dear to my heart. 
So, life after Washburn (you can find the first 20 years in the 20th reunion edition of the Wahian).  I ended up in Sycamore, IL. 60 miles west of Chicago. I loved my 37-year career at Northern Illinois University Health Service (retired in 2012).  Over the years I worked with over 400 student volunteers and supervised 25-30 student interns, some of whom have become long-time friends. Finished my BA in Sociology from NIU in 1993, summa cum laude (surprise!) Played violin in the local symphony for 20 years, have sung in several choruses (retired from both), taught CPR for 20+ years and after I turned 50 I volunteered countless hours, over-night lock-ins and 10 summer mission trips with my church’s senior high youth group.
I'll always be a Minnesota Girl and miss it a lot. When my three children were young,  summer vacations were spent driving by Washburn, Ramsey, Lake Harriet, and eating at the Lincoln Del and Bridgeman’s and spending time at Driftwood Resort in Pine River (on the lakes where I spent summers at my parents lake home). I thought I’d be back in MN someday, but with my 3 children and 3 grandchildren all living in DeKalb or Chicago, I'll be staying close to them.
I’ve really been looking forward to the 50th but I'm still rehabbing an injury (still a klutz), which is keeping me home. (Bless any classmates who are PTs!). Very disappointed and I'm suffering from a bad case of FOMOR (fear of missing out on the reunion). Thanks to the reunion committee for all of your amazing work. I know everyone will have a fabulous time!       
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Linda Smith (Mikyska)
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Retired Committed Relationship
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