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Ellen Goldenberg (Goldenberg)
retired Single 2
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Ellen Goldenberg '92 changed back (Goldenberg)
Retired Single 2
Looking forward to seeing you all and playing catch-up at our reunion. I'm retired enjoying life- friends family and my SoCal community and travelling. Joined Long Beach Yacht Club where I go for yoga and learning sailing and cruising in Alamitos Bay and the Pacific ocean over to Catalina. Lots of nice people! My daughters are in Brooklyn and West Hollywood. Tamar is a 20's & 30's jazz singer realy great and very funny. Miriam tutors math and english and SAT/ACT  and her love is acting. She's marrying Gabriel next May.. he's a director. So no grandkids here..yet.  I'll post a photo later.
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Eva Wittles (Fishman)
Retired nurse educator Widowed 1
Hmmm.  I've had wonderful careers (yeah, more than one):
Ballet dancer for 35  years (my toe shoes were thrown into a toilet in the boys bathroom at Burroughs Elementary by some boys, some of whom later went to Washburn.... you know who you are.... your nefarious acts have finally caught up with you, never underestimate a "twinkle toes");
Belly dancer - when my feet said to me, "You try putting us into those little ponted things and standing up on the tip of us toes ever again, we WILL hurt you...." - I danced at the Renaissance Festival, George's In Fridley, Fraternities (my then husband came with me to those gigs), etc.  And yes, the picture in the background of the profile photo is me.  As for the get-up, the profile pic is from 18 months ago just before my Halloween party.  Not even I would wear that out of the house, I do have some standards....;
Congregational Nurse for over 2 years (Parish Nurse is old term) after I retired from Nursing Education.  My training for certification was at the Lutheran Seminary - myself and another person were the first (and only) Jewish Nurses to go through their program.  Loved that job, but the synagogue ran out of money for a non-dedicated funds position;

Certified Advanced Care Directive Facilitator (and Notary), so "one-stop shopping" as they say, no need for a lawyer.  It's part of my volunteer work with hospice patients and their families - not the physical care, the spiritual and emotional support for patients and families during end-of-life stages;
My dog and I are LTC visitors, they love her.  She's a small Rat Terrier, very smart and shy enough so they don't feel threatened by her.  Even those lost in the ether of Alzheimers show a spark in their eyes and reach out to touch her and interact when I place her on their lap.  There is no more rewarding moment than at that time, I feel I'm getting more from it than they are;
Writer, humorist.  Have started 2 books, each a different theme.  Yeah, I know, finish one before starting another, but having been diagnosed with ADD at age 66 (!) kinda explains that... explains my whole life, for that matter...  My brain is like the inside of a golf ball, an apparent tangled mass of thoughts, but I know EXACTLY where they all started, are going, and ended and moved on to another topic.  Sure confuses the hell out of others, though...;
Created a process for making Origami flower bouquets (self-taught myself Origami.  OK, that sounds redundant, but you know what I mean) that I give away, really fun and pretty (not that I'm biased) until I needed Carpel Tunnel surgery last year and now my dexterity isn't as good so it takes me longer to make them, not as "prolific" as before.  Sooo, I'm learning about making sock monsters, they are hilarious, better than sock monkeys (boooorring).  They're expensive to make - do you know how much socks cost?  I do a lot of sole-searching these days (sorry, I had to stick in at least one pun or I will explode).  Not having an outlet for my creativity would cost more in the long run (has to do with that exploding thing, not pretty);
Gourmet cooking - have to exercise control over the eating part or I'd be the size of a triple garage.  Well, have to exercise, period, and walking my dog is one way.  Unfortunately this winter made it impossible, so gotta lose the 12 lbs. I gained since November.  What better motivation than the 50th coming up.... but it may not warm up or stop snowing and raining until mid-August... could be tricky.  Might have to cut my hair in order to drop at least a couple lbs.

As for my life's journey, I've had tragedy come into it.  My second husband died 10 years ago a few weeks before the 40th reunion, I didn't attend.  He was a prince, a true soul.  For 3 years I had a relationship with a psychoanalyst - who turned out to be more psycho than analyst - the subject of my first book, by the way - guess it's not meant for me to be with someone in the third half of my  life  (I know what I wrote... stop your snickering).  My oldest child died 3 years ago March, at the age of 34, an event you accept happened, but you never get over it.  Joan Didion's 2 books about her loss of her husband John, and her only child, Quintana, within a few months of each other, provide a study in grace and survival that for me gave perspective.  

I have chosen to focus on the good in life (and the downright silly and funny).  Any day above ground is a good day.

P.S.  I disavow any knowledge or responsibility for errors in spelling, syntax, or sentences that don't make sense to you... they make sense to ME (I think)
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Evelyn (Evy) Swan (Genereux)
Office Administrator Married 10
I am still working because I want to.  My husband and I live in Breezy Point - inside the gates of Breezy Point Resort.  We love it up here - lots of fun things to do and so peaceful versus the city.  I work in Crosslake at LA Lawncare & Landscape which is seasonal so during the winter I only work part-time so my husband and I can travel when we want to.

My husband Chuck owns a cabinet shop in the city of which he works for big builders and does the most beautiful kitchens etc.  He's still working also as his builders still need him.  He commutes from the cities and comes up on Thurs. night and goes back on early Monday morning.  My husband just had a triple bypass surgery this summer, but is coming along really well.  We are planning on the reunion and maybe the bus tour.  We love to dance and danced the night away at the 40th reunion, but this time will have to take it easy.

We would love to retire, but I'm not ready to yet, but are going to start settling down soon as we would like to go south for the winter.  We have lots of kids and lots of grandchildren and that makes life very busy for us.  I have 2 grandsons in hockey of which my son played hockey for Washburn and so its exciting for me to watch my grandsons follow in their Daddy's footsteps and oldtimes for me.

I have only been to one reunion, but enjoyed myself immensely and so am looking forward to seeing everyone again, but I can't rememeber names very well, so please help me.  See you soon!
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Gayette (Gay) Addison (Riddle)
Retired Divorced 1
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Gerry Clark
Employee Benefits - Semi-retired Married 1
Lynn is my wife of 15 years and we have Billy, our 12 year old son.   We also have two Bernese Mountain Dogs, Ole and Sven.  Still love Minnesota.   I work 2-3 days per week, play golf, fish, work in the yard.  We go to Captiva, FL as often as possible.   Looking forward to our 50th.    Thanks for organizing, Gerry Send Gerry a MessageSend Gerry a Message
Gerry Harding (Cronquist)
Finance Married 4
I have lived in Alaska since graduating from Washburn except for one year.  I got married when I was 21 and am still married to the same person (even though we've worked together for all of that time).  We own two motorized sports stores selling all lines of BRP and Kawasaki products.  We live on a small airstrip.  I've enjoyed gardening, fishing and camping and all outdoor sports and am very active in our church.

Even Judy Vickers and her Mother came to our house and Janie (Howdeshelle) Cronin. 
Through church, I've also seen Gary Gustafson.  I am looking forward to seeing evryone at the 50th Reunion.
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Gordon Stephan
radio network manager Married
Sandy and I last attended the 25th, perhaps we'll make the double of that. Send Gordon a MessageSend Gordon a Message
Henry Cooper
Profile picture
Profile picture
Author Married
I created a little youtube video, Watch out Big Business, CTI Little Guy, Super Hero, is here.  I hope you enjoy it.

Plus on June 6th My website  went up. Have a look and download a book or at least a preview.  The books are also on all leading eBook websites.

Now for a bit of bio.

My College days at the University of Minnesota focused on playing bridge.  This wasn’t exactly the path to a long-lasting career, so I took some time from my studies and headed to Australia to see if it really was the “New Frontier”.

It was.  I spent four great months in Sydney.  Then, having decided to return to the University of Minnesota, I made my way back home via 1 ½ months of travel through Asia and 3 ½ months in Europe.  
I learned how to travel frugally and well, but the most important discovery was that most people around the world are friendly, good people and just want to be left alone by their governments.
A great surprise awaited me in Minneapolis.  Five days after returning home, two FBI agents informed me that I had been listed as AWOL.   This was, of course, a colossal mistake, but one can’t argue productively with the FBI so I ended up in the army for 19 months.  I returned to the U of M and successfully earned my BA and MBA.
While at the University, I was offered a job as Senior Systems Analyst at a bank computer subsidiary and was swiftly introduced to corporate politics.  My first project was cancelled; several people to whom I reported were fired.  I was “reassigned” to a rather interesting project investigating Trust Packages – a short-lived assignment  as my disagreement with the package selection resulted in a rather hasty firing.
It was 1976 and a very difficult time for a systems analyst with just two years experience to find a job. Gambling filled the gap for a while, but didn’t pay the rent.  I began to feel the urge to write and tried my hand first at sonnets and then TV scripts.  Through a conversation with the producers of one of the popular TV shows at the time, I was invited to submit a script.  I quickly responded and, just as quickly, received my first rejection. 
Over the years, I tried my hand at real estate, computer timeshare sales, consulting, and as a manservant (with spare time to write, I hoped).  The manservant post was not my calling -- taking care of a 15-year-old spoiled “brat” was not my cup of tea, and certainly didn’t leave any time to write.
By necessity, writing hit the back burner and I took a position with another bank computer subsidiary.  Corporate politics reared its ugly head again and, after being told numerous lies by the department manager, I walked out, did not look back and returned to Australia.
Since 1981, Australia has been my home.  I’ve worked as an Information Systems project manager, consultant, second-in-charge of systems development, and business analyst in computer software and finance.  My adventures have allowed me to observe corporate politics at their finest.  During these years, it became very clear to me that, if you want to succeed in business, it is more important to be politically correct than to support a good idea.

My interest in writing was rekindled about the time that there was a lot of press about off shoring and corporate corruption.  Having had up close and personal experience with this type of corporate behaviour, I decided to create a series of corporate thrillers -- addressing the subject with a touch of humor, a twist in the tale, and subtle symbolism to challenge the reader’s intellect.    I created the outlines for four books and started to write. I finished editing the books in January, creating the eBooks in 4 eBook formats in April and am now executing my marketing plan.

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J Craig Scherf
semi-retired Single
After a long career with Dayton's and its successor companies, including Macy's where I still work occasionally I moved from a VERY changed south Minneapolis to Morgan Park in Duluth.  I do not miss Minneapolis.  I am secretary of the Friends of the Superior WI Library and sing as a cantor at the Cathedral of Chirst the King and sub at Holy Assumption, both in Superior.  I enjoy travel and just did the circle tour of Lake Superior for the first time in twenty years.  I visit Florida often in the winter and hope to be in Baltimore  MD yet this Fall.  I am looking forward to the reunion and would welcome classmates who visit up here.   Send J Craig a MessageSend J Craig a Message
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