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david martini
surgical oncologist Married 2
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David Swenson
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Retired Geologist Married 5


I am currently living in Richfield, Minnesota. My wife, Gale, and I have been married for 48 years. We have 5 children and our 10th grandchild is on the way.

After high school, I attended the University of Minnesota where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Geology. I then attended New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology and earned a Master’s degree in Geochemistry. I worked in the mining industry in many parts of the world and we have lived in Sierra Leone, Ireland, Scotland, as well as Albuquerque and Denver before moving back to Minnesota. My second career was in environmental protection specializing in water protection.

My wife and I are retired and we spend our time enjoying family activities as well as traveling, gardening, cooking, fitness, and photography.

I will be attending our 50th class reunion and look forward to seeing everyone.

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Dawn Mateffy (Hensley)
Widowed 3
Hello WHS Class of '64!

In October 2011 I had a massive stroke and have been either hospitalized or in a nursing home since.  I love to hear from old friends and talk about the good old days.  I look forward to reading your E-mails and hope to see some of you in person.

I probably won't make it to the reunion but I will be thinking of you all

Go Millers!
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Dee Dee Harper (Sand)
retired from J.B.Hudson jewelers Married 1
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Denise Dooley (Stone)
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retired Married 2
Isn’t it amazing?  Fifty years sounds like a long time, but it has gone by quickly. For me they have been wonderful years and I treasure the memories they have given me.

I was more than ready to leave Washburn when graduation came. We received an exceptional education there, far superior to many other public schools. (Although the memory of Mr. Blackmur silently skulking around his classroom can still make me seventeen again and a little bit terrified!)  I had a lot of fun during those years, but I have very little nostalgia for them.  

During my sophomore year at the University of Minnesota, I renewed my friendship with Paul Stone (class of ’63) and we were married in September of 1967. We moved to Wisconsin the following year. That is where Paul began a long first career with the WI Dept of Natural Resources.

Our first four years were spent at Lake Kegonsa State Park, where we lived on the premises.  It was Nature at its’ best while Paul developed the farmland into a wonderful little park.  We enjoyed our time there. It was peaceful and pretty. Before that, if anyone had told me I would enjoy living in the middle of a park, I would have said they were nuts!

We moved into Stoughton, a small Norwegian community when Paul went into land appraisals and acquisitioning for the DNR. I kept trying to educate those Norwegians but in twenty eight years there I didn’t make much headway. I did learn to appreciate their heritage, but lutefisk is still disgusting.

At this point let me tell you I was, and still am, a 1950’s and 1960’s kind of Donna Reed wife and mother (minus the pearls and frilly apron). I loved being at home when our boys were young.  I volunteered at their schools and got quite involved with special needs adults. We had great neighbors (we were all stay at home moms at that time.)  We actually had coffee parties!  I even wrote a cookbook to give to my family and friends. As the boys got older I took a series of part-time jobs so I could be available for them when needed.

Our sons, Michael (45) and Derek (41) are terrific people. Lucky for us they have both married great women who we love dearly.  Michael has followed in Paul’s footsteps joining him in his second career in the private rural property appraisal business. Michael’s wife Janice is a band teacher at the middle school level. They both volunteer as field assistants for the UW marching band and have for over twenty years. (They met playing tubas in the band.)

Derek and Karen just moved back to Wisconsin after six years in Maine. Maine is a gorgeous State. We loved visiting them and traveling through New England during several trips east. Derek worked as a luthier, building and voicing Bourgeois guitars, including working on one for Ricky Skaggs. But after a few years the kids decided they wanted to be back home.  Finding a rewarding career near Ripon, WI. is proving to be a challenge for Derek. Karen works in her family’s business and has an outstanding future there if she wants it.

We moved to Madison in 2000 and love it.  It’s a beautiful city with endless things to do.  University of Wisconsin athletics rock and UW itself has a diverse offering of activities for all who wish to partake. Then there are the Green Bay Packers. When we play either Minnesota team I go back to my roots and pull for the Gophers or the Vikings. Of course this irritates the men in my life, which is half of the fun.

Once our boys were through college, Paul and I started doing more traveling.  We have visited much of Europe, St. Petersburg, Russia, some of the former Soviet Bloc countries, Turkey and Tanzania.  We were in the Czech Republic when 9/11 happened. Being out of the country at that time was quite an experience.

We had a motorhome for several years.  We traveled to Alaska one summer and enjoyed meandering through Canada along the way.  What magnificent country we have north and west of us. We have been heading South and Southwest for two months during recent winters.

All in all, I have had a terrific life. I look forward to seeing you and exchanging stories about our experiences.

My best to all of you,

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Dick Byrne
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Retired Married 3
Hi all - 
Living in a beautiful beach town in southern Delaware, Rehoboth Beach (2- hours from Washington, DC, Baltimore & Philadelphia), since retiring a few years ago after 8 years teaching in Mpls and then 21 years on the faculty at U of MN and then 11 years at Univ of Maryland as faculty and an Assistant Dean for Youth & Family Development. 
Have been wintering in Key West the past several winters.
 Lived in Washington DC on Capitol Hill for 12 years while at the U of Maryland.
I'm very involved in animal welfare issues and serve on the Delaware SPCA Board of Directors and volunteer with my local SPCA animal shelter working with spay/neuter surgery, fund raising and adoption   Also deeply involved in progressive politics and frequently manage local candidate campaigns.   Also serve on the Delaware YMCA Board of Governors and raise funds for the Strong Kids Campaign.
Enjoy home life with my Bernese Mt Dog, rescue cat, garden, kayaking, biking and frequest vists from our 3 kids and 3 grandsons - all of whom live in the Twin Cities.
Looking forward to the reunion!
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Don Nicholson
Consultant Married 1
I am in the process of retiring from a firm I founded with an old friend 14 years ago.  It now occurs to me that none of my prior firms (Arthur Andersen, Arctic Cat/Minstar, K-Tel, and Petersen Consulting) exist today, or at least, not in the form they existed when I was associated with them.  Lesly and I were married last summer, after 11 years together.  I am quite sure we made the right decision.  After three divorces, I wanted to make sure that this was finally the right one.  I have a son living in the Bay area and Lesly has two children living here in the Twin Cities.

Its has been a wonderful journey from high school through the Uof M and on to exiciting set of roles in some exciting organizations.  I look forward to connecting with old friends at our reunion.
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Donald McKay
rural mailman Married 8
For those who remember me, I'm a very different person now.  The earlier years were marked by aimless experimenting with life's opportunities.  During my Air Force time in Japan, I met a missionary from OH who actually walked his talk.  I ended up spending more time with his family than I did on base, as Dudley showed me how to walk with God.  I was amazed! - people today can do it, and not just those thousands of years ago!  After my discharge in '71 I met this Methodist minister from Belfast and the metamorphosis continued.  Meaning God began to give me the ability to see things as they are and the challenge to do something more with the life He had given me.  My previous years as a Russion linguist in the Air Force impressed the need to buckle down and set goals.  But now I realized that life was passing by, I was still treading water, and this man with the delightful Irish accent was being used to give direction.  After meeting Charmaine (Edison '73) we attended Bethany College of Missions out in Bloomington MN and married ('78).  I interned at Brooklyn NY Teen Challenge and was confronted over and over with my naivete.  In '84 we and our 2 home-schooled sons left for Germany, to be "tentmaker"-missionaries (the self-supporting kind) there. We ministered to the GIs at the local (Hahn) Air Force Base and the teenagers in our village.  God also gave us 4 more precious chidren. We made some good friends there and encouraged the local pastors & priests to do what God had taught us to do: follow God more than their exclusive denominational mandates, to love other Christians regardless of their affiliations.  After 8 years, God directed us to return stateside and the odyssey continued as we had two more daughters.  After 36 years of marriage, 30 years of homeshooling, 15 years with the USPS, and learning more about how to please God in our daily lives, I see WHS's 50th coming up and am praying about whether to go.   Send Donald a MessageSend Donald a Message
Donna Bonnicksen
Self employed Single
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Edith (Peg) Lindquist (Davies)
Retired Married 2
I am looking forward to reconnecting with classmates that I have not seen for a very long time.  Retirement is great!  I worked in the customer service/sales field for most of my working career.  My husband and I will celebrate our 46th anniversary this year.  We have two wonderful children,  both married, and six grandchldren (5 teen age boys and 1 girl, 11 going on 15).  We have been blessed that both families live close to us.  My husband retired from teaching 34 years (Jr. high), and continues to do real estate.  We have been fortunate to have good health, great friends, and a wonderful family.  Life is good. Send Edith (Peg) a MessageSend Edith (Peg) a Message
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