We just received final approval from Washburn letting us know that we'll be able to open the school tour to everyone who wants to join us.


The school engineer has asked us to park in the Staff Parking Lot on the 50th Street side of the building.  There's a driveway into the lot from Pleasant Avenue.


We anticipate the bus tour will be returning to Washburn at noon on that Saturday, and the riders will pause briefly for a box lunch at the picnic tables near the entrance to the football field. When you arrive at the school you can look for the group at the picnic tables.  We'll be going into the school through Door 10 on the 50th Street side around 12:30 pm, and we think we'll be inside from 30 to 45 minutes..


John Tietz and Tom Crouch (member of the Washburn Foundation and husband of Paula Eliason Crouch) will be meeting us to conduct the tour.  Tom will be telling us about the school today and how the Washburn Foundation is helping students and teachers.



AS OF FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 198 PEOPLE HAVE PAID TO ATTEND THE REUNION.  We also have 46 paid tickets for our City Bus Tour (plus one for Rolf Svendsen, our tour guide).

People who purchased reunion tickets the week of August 31 are: Tim Mungavan, Jeffrey Hoffman, Dale Hammerschmidt, Marsha Bruce, Paige Van Vorst & Donna Van Vorst, Becky Beetsch, Linda Suhl Holmes & Jack Holmes, Don McKay, Rick Irvin, John Barstow, Bruce Johnson.

People who purchased reunion tickets the week of August 24 are: Bonny Anderson McCormick, Mary Simon Bunce, Barb Galush Leik & Roger Leik, Marion McNurlen, Dave Satre, Mike McNeal.

People who purchased reunion tickets from August 4 through August 22 are: Toni Okada, Joel Seltz, Robert E Nelson, Larry Gustafson & Anna Bruder Slack, Jack Nugent & Buffy Nugent, Cathy Meyer, (Karen) Sue Johnson Cummings, Nikki Olson Anderson, Charlie Running & Lora Quenemoen-Running, Bill Pritchard, Van Anderson (husband of Barb Adams Anderson), Tom Anderson, Gerry Harding Cronquist, Hugh Tunstead, Dick Perry, Kim Gudmestad, Joel Radjenovich & Peggy Radjenovich, Craig Lien, Sandra Miller Casey & Mike Casey, Tom Hollister, Janie Howdeshell Cronin.

Click here to view Reunion list as of 9/5/14
Click here to view Bus Tour list as of 9/5/14

If you plan to come to the reunion and your name isn't on these lists, it's because you haven't purchased a ticket for the reunion or bus tour yet.  These lists show who's attending, who's bringing a guest, and where they're coming from.

We've know people are watching the "Who's Coming" page to decide on purchasing a ticket.  It's possible YOU are the person someone else is hoping to see.

Washburn Information:  Washburn now serves students from 9th to 12th grade.  Our Class of 1964 was over 600 students strong because we were part of the population spike at the leading edge of the Baby Boom following World War II.  John Tietz visited the school on August 26 and learned today's enrollment at Washburn is 1500 students for all four grades, meaning each grade has a little less than 400 students.  The hallways are still not as crowded as they were when we were there.

Ramsey and Anthony are now Middle Schools serving students from 6th to 8th grades.


Notes from Classmates

Carolyn April Hosp Smith:  Sorry I can't join you all for our 50th! I will be in So Dakota at the 13th Gathering of International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. A gathering for peace and compassion. Life is good! Peace and joy to all!

Message from Lynn Lubov Silber:  I'm sorry I'm not going to be there! It sounds like a lot of fun and I haven't seen most of you for so long. I live in Florida and would love to go on that bus trip you're planning to see how things have changed. Please keep me on your list - and hopefully, I can join you next time. Have Fun! Lynn

Message from Gordy Stephan:  Friends, It is with some regret that we will not be able to attend this milestone reunion. Have a great reunion and be blessed, I will be thinking of you all. Gordon Stephan


Do you remember the sign on the 50th Street
side of the building?

I remember a similar sign as the Senior Class Gift from our class, but it wasn't digital like this one is.  Here's the view looking east toward Ramsey and the football field.

IN JUST A FEW DAYS we'll be together seeing people we don't recognize at first (but we'll have nametags with photos) and celebrating the three years we spent at Washburn. To all of you who made plans to attend our reunion, a big THANK YOU! We know our classmates continue to visit the website and are returning often because there is a HIT COUNTER at the bottom of the "Welcome" page, and it has recorded over 5,700 HITS (or visits to the website).


BACK TO SCHOOL  School began at Washburn on Monday, August 25.  Not sure classes have ever started before Labor Day, but they will this year.


Dave Higgins and Judy Vicars visited Washburn on Friday, August 29 to get a preview of what we will see during the tour.  John Tietz was inside the school earlier in the week to pick up printed floor plans.  Tom Crouch from the Washburn Foundation will also be joining us at the school on Saturday.


A few photos of Washburn Today are posted on the "Photo Albums" page.


DID YOU REALIZE this will be the first time you know who's attending the Reunion before you even walk through the door? We've never been able to display a list of attendees prior to the event before, but the miracles of technology make it possible this time. There are two links below that allow you to view attendees and their guests, and to know where they're coming from to attend the Reunion.


Whether or not you attend the reunion, PLEASE ADD A PROFILE TO THE WEBSITE so people will know what you've been doing and that you're thinking about them and our days together at Washburn.  It's been wonderful to read the profiles and keep in touch, even if it's only online. Please go to the "Classmates" page and follow the instructions.  A profile will also link your email address to the website and allow people to send you a message.


We're asking classmates to post photos and videos of the Reunion on the "Photo Albums" page. A photographer will be shooting candid photos during the event, and we'll add those as soon as we can.  The website will continue to be active until the end of April 2015, and we're talking about renewing the subscription for at least another year if there's interest.

DONATIONS  If you're able to make a donation to help support the Reunion and the website, please do so on the "Donations" page. Please consider a donation even if you aren't able to attend. The content on the website will keep you connected you to our class, and will be greatly appreciated.


Keep watching the "THE LATEST NEWS" page for more reunion information.



Remember when?

During the first week of our sophomore year at Washburn, this lawn on the east side of the school was the site of our first Pep Fest. The area was packed with the Pep Band, cheerleaders, athletes, and all of us. It was a very exciting moment, and I'll always remember being there.

Vintage City Bus
Vintage City Bus

City Bus Tour

Saturday, September 6
    8:30 am pickup at MSP Hilton Airport Hotel
    9:00 am pickup at Washburn High School

$25 per person (box lunch and Washburn tour included)
     Space will be limited, but diesel fumes are free


Our City Bus Tour will be led by Rolf Svendsen (Marge Svendsen’s big brother) from the WHS class of 1959.  He put together two city tours for his class reunions in the past, and will be doing another one for his 55th reunion this year on September 12.


Our trip will take us around the city and will feature things that make Minneapolis a wonderful and special place. We’ll drive through some of the neighborhoods we grew up in and follow the Grand Rounds route around the city with stops to describe why Minneapolis flourished in this location. 


We're planning a stop at Minnehaha Falls and St Anthony Falls, a drive through downtown, across the Hennepin Avenue bridge, through some of the bustling new neighborhoods, past the University of Minnesota, the construction site of the new Vikings Stadium, Target Field, etc. Rolf will describe the history of the city and will talk about the life and times of William D. Washburn.  


Our City Bus Tour will begin with a pickup at the Hilton Airport Hotel at 8:30 am on Saturday, September 6 followed by a 9:00 am stop at Washburn High School to pick up people who aren't staying at the hotel.  We won't be able to get into the school that early, but will return at the end of our trip for a tour inside the school. 


The City Bus Tour will cost $25 per person (a box lunch will be included), and tickets may be purchased on our website (go to the “Buy Tickets” page and be sure to scroll all the way down).  It's limited to a maximum of 50 people, so if you're interested, sign up soon to avoid disappointment.

If you'd rather not use your credit card on the internet, make your check payable to Washburn Reunion Committee and mail it to:

Judy Vicars
4521 Pleasant Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55419

Space will be limited in more ways than one.  This bus was designed for people from the 50s, so prepare to be cozy. 
Our tour will end in early afternoon giving everyone plenty of time to relax before our dinner.

1989 25th Reunion Video

ANOTHER TREASURE FROM DICK SIGURDSON!  It runs about two hours in length, but Dick has broken it into three parts.  We used a video company to record the 25th Reunion, and classmates were encouraged to introduce themselves and speak to the camera.  It's great to see "The Way We Were".  You'll find the links to these videos on the Photo Albums page.  REQUIRED VIEWING BEFORE ATTENDING THE REUNION!

Beatles Exhibit at the Mall of America

Attention Beatles fans!

A traveling exhibition "Ladies and Gentlemen, The Beatles" is at the Midwest Music Museum at the Mall of America until September 7. The display features original Beatles materials including memorabilia, records, photographs, tour artifacts, videos, and more.

If you plan to go, use the password "lovemedo" for a ticket discount.

For more information, copy this link and paste it in your web browser:

Twins v Angels Game on September 5

Ellen Goldenberg will be coming to the reunion from Long Beach, CA and she's interested in going to the Twins game at 7:05 pm that Friday night.  She'd like to find other classmates who would like to go as a group.  If you're interested, contact her at

Photos and Videos

Remember our Senior Class Movie?  Our classmates filmed many of the events and activites during our senior year, and also walked through each home room with a movie camera to record the way we looked back then.  Dick Sigurdson kept track of this movie all these years and just uploaded it to our website. There's no sound, but the images bring back a flood memories.  Click on the link (not the image) on the "Photo Albums" page.

You'll also find videos of our 40th Reunion and 30th Reunion on the "Photo Albums" page (thanks again to Dick)  and you can click on those links (not the images) to view them.

If you have photos or scans to upload, go to the "Photo Albums" page, click on "Upload Photos", and follow the directions.  A few photos from our 40th Reunion (provided by Jim Erickson) were recently uploaded, and you'll find them there.

I'll be posting photos from our 30th Reunion in 1994 soon.  Be prepared to see big hair and big shoulderpads.

Missing Millers

The list of lost classmates is continually being updated on the "Missing Millers" page.  You can use the "Contact Us" function to provide new street and email addresses.  Or you can tell missing classmates to visit to leave their information there.

Downloadable Documents

Several special editions of the Grist can be found on the "Downloadables" page, as well as the final Grist before we graduated, the Wathhburn Gritht April Fool's edition, programs from Take Her, She's Mine and Millwheels.  If you don't remember your bequest from our Last Will and Prophecy, you can download the file to refresh your memory.  And finally, you'll find the program from Commencement 1964.