Tickets for our Saturday Reunion Dinner and the City Bus Tour may be charged to your credit card on this website.

If you'd rather pay by check, please make it payable to the Washburn Reunion Committee and mail it to

Judy Vicars
4521 Pleasant Ave S
Minneapolis MN  55419 

You can see who's planning to attend the reunion on the "Who's Coming" page.  An easier-to-read list of attendees and their guests may be viewed on the "Breaking News" page under "Attendance at Reunion".  Names of those who pay by check will be added to these lists.


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Saturday Dinner Reunion Ticket (after July 31)$ 64.00
When:Saturday, September 6, 6:00 pm
Where:Fort Snelling Officers' Club
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City Bus Tour$ 25.00
Quite a few out-of-towners will be coming to our reunion, and the City Bus Tour is an opportunity to learn about the history of Minneapolis and to see how it has changed since we graduated 50 years ago. The bus tour will also include a walk through Washburn to see if it still looks like we remember it. More information can be found on the "Breaking News" page.
When:Saturday, September 6, 4-hour tour with pickups at 8:30 and 9:00 am
Where:Pickup and return to Washburn High School and the Airport Hilton Hotel
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