2019 Emails from Classmates

As soon as our Broadcast Email went out we began hearing from classmates, and I'm sharing these emails with you.

I included the senders' email addresses, and clicking on them should open an email window. If not, you might need to copy and paste them into your browser to make them work.  Judy

Toni Okada, Mercer Island WA  There’s a chance I will be in MN around the reunion date. I should know more after I see my cousins in June. So right now I’m a “maybe”. Thanks for organizing!  td.okada@yahoo.com

​Jane Clark Truesdale, Estes Park CO  Thanks so much for doing this and sending out the info. It sounds like a great plan and a perfect time of year in MN. Unfortunately, I will be in Spain hiking the El Camino de Santiago during the reunion. I am so sorry to miss it. I have been to all the others. janetruesdale2@gmail.com

Michele Murnane, Seattle WA  Nice hearing from you. So glad the reunion team keeps on top of these reunions. I won't be able to come this time.  Still living in Seattle. Have a wonderful time.  MMurnane@msn.com

Gerry Clark, Creve Coeur MO  Thanks to the committee so much for doing all of this.  I have been snooping around it for two hours. We can’t thank you enough!!!  See you September 14th.     Warmest Regards, Gerry  gerald.j.clark@gmail.com

Ellen Goldenberg, Long Beach CA  Thanks Judy and committee for just in time date announcement! I will be there and register soon. Just rushing off to a yoga stretch class. Ellen  ellenfaye@gmail.com

(Karen) Sue Johnson Cummings, Phoenix AZ  GREAT Idea!  Wish I lived in Minnesota so I could help you!  Kindest Regards, Sue   sue@kscummings.com

Jerry Anderson, Texas City TX  Judy, great to hear from you and glad to see the reunion plan. Unfortunately I will be in MPLS in June, but in September will be traveling to California so will not be able to attend. Warmest regards to all who attend. Jerry  jerry_anderson@juno.com