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Here's a photo of your 2014 Reunion Committee hard at work.  

The people in the photo from L-R are:  Don Nicholson, Judy Vicars, Joel Radjenovich, George Headrick, our server (standing), Shell Lander Meehl, Sandi Spell Brown, Linda Tripp Roberts, DeeDee Harper Sand, and Pat Taillefer Erickson.  Paul Sand was there, too, but isn't pictured because he took the photo.  Some new people have joined us since the photo was taken.

Here's a list of the people on the 2014 reunion committee.  Some didn't live in the metro area and were not in the photo.  Feel free to email any of us with questions or suggestions.
Jane Clark Truesdale,
Dee Dee Harper Sand,
George Headrick,
Dave Higgins,
Shell Lander Meehl,
Jean Lindgren Moskalik,
Cathy Meyer,
Don Nicholson,
Joel Radjenovich,
Kathy Selvig Grambsch,
Sandi Spell Brown,
Pat Taillefer Erickson, or
John Tietz,
Judy Vicars,