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Barbara Adams (Anderson)
Profile picture
I studied French at Northwestern University. I met my husband Van Anderson there, we married immediately after our graduation, and we "honeymooned" as Peace Corps volunteers in Ethiopia. There we began teaching careers that lasted over 40 years. We attended graduate school at the U of MN where I obtained a Ph.D. in French literature, and we also spent two years in France studying and teaching English as a second language. In France, I gave birth to our first of three children.  We retired from Edina Public Schools in 2011, where I taught third and fifth grades at the Normandale French Immersion School, high school French and worked as a Peer Coach. Since retirement, I have continued working as a substitute teacher and French tutor in Edina However, retirement has also allowed us to spend several months of the Minnesota winter in New Zealand with our daughter, her husband and their two children. We also have two sons: one works as an ER doctor in Minneapolis, and the other is a software engineer in northern California. We are both grateful to be in good health. Send Barbara a MessageSend Barbara a Message
Barbara Leykom (Roecker)
Retired Married 2
Married in 1968 during my first year teaching in Bloomington, MN. Univac transfered us to San Diego for a year. We met up with Caroline Dean and her husband. Transfered back to Minneapolis and had two children. In 1986 we were transfered to Yardley, PA where we lived for 23 years. Kate Foster Cabot and renewed our friendship after 30 years. I was a computer teacher for 20 years in my children's school district.
John and I retired in 2009 to Lewes, DE to be at the beach. Our daughter lives an hour north of us with her husband and two children. Our son lives in Whitefish, MT. We spend the month of February on Sanibel Island.
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Bob E. Nelson
Computer Programmer/Systems Analyst (USPS) Married 2
There were two Bob Nelsons in our class.  I’m the small scrawny one with the big mouth.  I just discovered I’m on the Missing List.  You can imagine my distress.  I remember misplacing myself shortly after graduation, but, hey, it was the sixties; we all did that.  Like everybody else, I went on a quest to find myself.  I caught up with myself about thirty miles south of Toledo.  Who knew?

After high school I compressed a four year degree into eleven years, interrupted by a couple of jobs and a three-year hitch as an Army medic during the Vietnam War.  I spent twenty-six months in a hospital in Japan doing things you don’t want to know about because, after all, we’ll be eating at the reunion.

Since 1980 I have been employed by the United States Postal Service, the first nine years in clerical positions and since 1989 as a programmer.  I am now a COBOL dinosaur and the AFP guru in the Postal Service.  As COBOL dinosaur I maintain, among other things, the system that performs an analysis of our workforce every two weeks.  That means that when you hear various politicians lying about how many employees the Postal Service has, the numbers they are distorting come from me.  AFP guru has to do with printing and means that pretty much all of the mainframe based personalized correspondence the Postal Service conducts with our employee or customers will be programmed either by me or by somebody I trained.  I arrived by a circuitous route, but I am now doing the kinds of things I wanted to do when I was at Ramsey and I love it.

Shortly after I joined the Postal Service I married my wife, Nancy, and we have been together for thirty-four years.  We have two children and one grandson.  Among other medical conditions, Nancy has a disorder known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivities/Environmental Illness which, for all practical purposes, means she is allergic to other people, specifically all the cleaners and personal care products people use.  For this reason she will not be able to attend the reunion with me.

Two years ago we discovered geocaching.  As we like to say, we use multi-billion dollar military satellite technology to find Tupperware in the woods.  This has been a great gift from God for us.  Previously, since Nancy could not be in crowds, we never went anywhere, never did anything and never met anybody.  Even a church service was impossible for her.  Our church built us a special room so that we could participate via closed-circuit TV.  We stayed home every night and watched movies.  We accumulated an extensive DVD collection.  But for the past two years geocaching has gotten us out of the house, given us exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise, and given us a whole new batch of friends who are relatively safe for her to be around since nobody gets gussied up to go bushwhacking through scrub brush.

Geocaching is just one of God’s many gifts to us for which we are grateful.  Although our lives have been very difficult, we are grateful for God’s sustaining grace, for our family and for each other.  It has been my privilege to live my life with a woman whose faith and cheerful disposition have never been overpowered by her suffering.  I cannot imagine life without her, and the thought of her going through this without me is more than I can handle.  She is God’s second greatest gift to me.

Favorite high school memory:  walking home from school with Don McKay, talking about the things that teen-aged boys talk about while walking home from school.
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Bruce Johnson
Married 3
Later.... Send Bruce a MessageSend Bruce a Message
C Susan Hedke
Retired Married
I am looking forward to meeting people again.  This will be the first reunion I am attending and have not seen most people for 50 years, so I am sure I will find it fun and rewarding.

Best regards to all.
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Carol (Kelly) Johnson
Retired Married
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Carolyn Hosp (Smith)
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blissfully working for my soul Divorced 4
So many years have passed, four daughters grown. One architect, one aplaca farmer, one commercial insurance manager, and a professor.   My daughters gave me with 6 fantastic grandchildren.  I was a stay at home mom before I went to work for Anoka County.  There I worked with 21 cities  for 25 years managing recycling programs.  
 During that time I served 12 years on the Medina City Council to help guide development and preserve our rural nature.  Now I am enjoying life by full moon bonfires, my garden and some volunteer activities...who knows what is next?
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Catherine Foster (Cabot)
Retired physician Divorced 1
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Catherine Putnam (Clark)
Widowed 2
After Washburn I attended college in Massachusetts and graduated in 1968. Between 1968 and 1978 I taught middle school English, traveled, and attended graduate school. I received a doctorate in education policy and administration from Stanford University and worked in Los Angeles following graduation in 1978. I married David Clark in 1980 and we moved to Austin, Texas, in 1982 where I have lived ever since. I worked for a state agency and for an educational research center before taking a position at the Texas Association of School Boards. I've held various positions at TASB over the years (1988 -2014), all of them interesting and rewarding. I retired in May 2014.

David Clark died in September 2012 of complicatios from pulmonary fibrosis. I am still working through the transitions I must make now that this wonderful person is no longer part of my life. I am fortunate to have two sons who are interesting and accomplished. One is a physician at Johns Hopkins Hospital and the other is in oil and gas exploration and development, working out of Denver.
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Cathy Meyer
Retired Caterer/Cafe Owner Married 2
Looking forward to seeing everyone.  Totally impossible that it has been 50 years
since we graced the hallowed halls of Washburn High.

Love traveling with my husband Dale and spending time with our 4 grandkids.
Involved in way too many things but love being retired and able to spend the winters in Arizona.

Reuniting the FROGS after 25 years will be the highlight of this great event.
The Reunion Committee is awesome and should receive great kudos from the crowd.

see ya at the 60th.
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