Dan Ling, Linda Coulter Jennings, (Karen) Sue Johnson Cummings

55-Year, Part 1

Jean took these photos at our 55-Year Reunion on September 14, 2019.
Ramsey Band-- 9th grade-- part one (couldn't scan the whole thing at once-- sorry)

Ramsey Ninth Grade Band

These two photos of the Ramsey Band were sent by Kathy Lykken Klos.
1 Mark Eriksson, JoAnn Tysdal Case, Sally Lynum-Lee

50-Year, Part 1

These photos were taken at our 50th Reunion at the Fort Snelling Officers Club on Saturday, September 6, 2014.

Please help identify people with ???? for a name.  You can send a message using the Contact Us tab on the website.

61 Bill Pritchard, Randy Moskalik (guest of Jean Lindgren Moskalik)

50-Year Photos, Part 2

These photos were taken at our 50th Reunion at the Fort Snelling Officers Club on Saturday, September 6, 2014.

The bass player in the band was not a member of our class, and apparently wants to remain anonymous.  If anyone supplies his name, the list will be updated.

Please help identify people with ???? for a name.  You can send a message using the Contact Us tab on the website.
Charlie Running, Steve Kline, Tom Pavek (front), Bill Pritchard, Mike Johnston; photo by Steve Kline's guest, Shann

Photos Uploaded by Attendees

If you attended the reunion, you may have captured some great photos.  Follow instructions to upload them here.

50-Year Reunion Video

Dick Sigurdson shot some video at the reunion, and you can view it by clicking on the link below. The Tzatskees appear toward the end: Gerry Clark on keyboard, Tim Mungavan on drums, Joel Seltz on guitar, and Dan Ling on bass (a "ringer" bass player sat in for some of the numbers).

The Tzatskees

Don Nicholson recorded The Tzatskees at our reunion.  Dan Ling (bass), Gerry Clark (keyboard), Joel Seltz (guitar) and Tim Mungavan (drums) came out of retirement to play for us.  A "ringer" bass player also sat in for some of the numbers.               I'M WALKIN                 MONEY That's What I Want                    TWIST & SHOUT                GLORIA                   REELIN & ROCKIN                 HANKY PANKY


Senior Class Photos

These pages were scanned from our 1964 yearbook.
The 1964 Class Movie is now on YouTube for viewing. Go to:

1964 Senior Class Movie

Dick Sigurdson admits he didn't shoot all the footage in our class movie, but he somehow managed to keep track of it since we graduated (no small feat). At our 40th Reunion in 2004 he created a DVD for us. With the advances in technology, he has uploaded it to YouTube, and you can view it by clicking on this link:

1989 25th Reunion Videos

Another TREASURE from Dick Sigurdson (thanks, Dick).  It runs about two hours in length, but Dick has broken it into three parts and uploaded the parts to YouTube.  Our classmates were asked to introduce themselves and speak directly to the camera.  REQUIRED VIEWING!  Click on these links to view the videos:       Part 1         Part 2   Part 3


1994 30th Reunion Video

Our 30th Reunion took place in 1994 at International Market Square, and Dick Sigurdson supplied the video.  To view the video, click on this link:
Don Aaker and Jim Erickson

2004 40th Reunion Photos

The photos in this album were provided by Jim Erickson. Sadly, he died of a heart attack in 2010 at his cabin in Danbury, WI. He was married to his wife Kay for approximately 40 years, was a commercial pilot, and flew all over the world. He left behind children and grandchildren. Bruce Kath and Lisa Lake, who are present in these photos, are also deceased.

2004 40th Reunion Video

Our 40th Reunion took place in 2004 with 151 classmates and guests attending.  Thanks to Dick Sigurdson for providing the video.  To view it, click on this link:

Susan B Anthony 8th Grade Memory Book

Sandi Spell Brown's mother found this treasure while preparing to sell her house.  Do you recognize anyone?  Are you in one of the photos?

Susan B Anthony Math Class

Kathy Selvig Grambsch sent this photo 10 years ago.  I think I recognize people.  Do you?

Washburn Today

These photos were taken in August, 2014